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Enter your UUID and click on "Send".

Look at "Uimh. an úsáideora" in your Consent Form, it looks something like this:


Send Recorder

We are working on speech recogition for Irish (think for example of Alexa). To achieve this we need as many recordings as possible. It would be of great help to us if you could record a couple of sentences. It will only take a few minutes.


All recordings will be saved completely anonymously and will not be published. We will use the recordings only internally to create a speech recognition system.

Read the terms here.

Consent Form

You have to fill in this form before you can go on to the recorder. You can download a copy of the consent form as PDF once you've completed the form. We advise you to keep a copy of it for future reference.
Personal Information
Please fill in your native language.
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You have to accept the terms to continue.
Your copy
You have to download a copy of the consent form as PDF before you can go on. Once you've downloaded the form click on "Confirm".
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